Last night, one of our perimeter sensors captured this crude promotional leaflet, blowing on the desert wind:

A community capable of supporting gladiatorial entertainment this close to the location of the Zoofights Vault could have meant a lot of potential revenue to the company, so the Vault's AI sent out a drone to scan for this "Aminal warz".

The images that came back, though crude, suggest that humanity is once again ready to flock to our stands and watch some megafauna brain each other.

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The Horde Moves

From caves, hovels and bunkers all over the badlands, a crowd is building for the Zoofights tournament.

Mutants, mountebanks, warlords and bandits are gathering in convoys, dragging with them the shattered wildlife of their homelands to compete for riches and honour beyond imagining.

When they arrive they will begin augmenting their champions, with the help of our cadre of surgineers ever at hand.

In a few days, the contenders they send forth will start slugging it out in a knockout battle that won't stop til it's finished.

So get the popcorn in now, because the concession stands are going to have run out of everything except stones and human flesh before long!