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Zoofights IV - overview


On May 1st 2009, Zoofights IV took up the baton in the never-ending mission to determine the true king of beasts.

After the events of Zoofights III culminated in a homicidal trainwreck of flesh, steel and raging bisons that destroyed half of London, the only option was to raise the game a little higher, and take things into orbit.

ZF4 rejoined the zoofights corporation some years later, after a fortuitous series of events saw its funds restored, its factories rebuilt, and a massive great space station mysteriously bequeathed to it through no act of corporate fraud at all.

Zoofights had also been lucky enough to force Nikola Tesla and H.G. Wells to invent time travel for it, widening the company's portfolio of monsters to include savage titans from the furthest reaches of the time-space continuum.

Over the course of 50 days and more than 250 illustrations, Zoofights IV brought nightly battles between horrendous brutes of all descriptions to the internet, in a knock-out tournament that challenged the mind, spirit and sanity of onlookers worldwide.

Use the navigation bar to the right to view the individual battles of the tournament, or visit the original thread on to read the whole damn thing.

The following video recaps the elements of the tournament's first round, and was posted just after the end of the initial Loser's League battles.





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