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Loser's League Round 2, Fight 1


(All thanks go out to Chalkdust)

What happens when a disabled army vet decides he's going to go from handicapped to handicapable? 

Still smiling from his last victory, Ed now rides on tank treads, waiting to roll over any competition that could come his way. His twin tigerhands are as rabid as ever and want more than Tapogre blood to feed on by the end of this battle. 

is horn,has been extended, as he found it tough to spear three competitors with a smaller appendage, so he's not compensating for anything now.

Note the gun barrels on the back of his tank. Ed now has a limited supply of extra tigers, twelve to be precise, and will fire at will when needed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, EDWARD TIGERHANDS



(All thanks go to ZeeToo)

Having nearly destroyed the stadium last time, this fearsome mole has finally risen to the ground level, and now demands that all who come before him tremble in fear at his might.

Yet to prove himself in any battlefield, Subby weighs in at over 2000kg and is equip with razor claws capable of tearing steel. Smaller versions of these claws make up his defensive quills, which can be puffed up and fired should he require them to be.

More deadly than his quills is his ability to create biological weapons out of organic material, taking in soil from one end and putting out toxic hazards from the other.

Ladies and Gentlemen, SUBTERRORANEAN


Alle Cuisine!

Subby has yet to show himself, but Ed waits. Soon, Subby will have to come up and face him like a man.

That is unless Subterroranean has other ideas.

But Subby has other plans.

Suddenly, a crevice opens. Ed fires a tiger down in an attempt to not have to directly engage Subterroranean.

Will it work?


But the tigers do no good and Subby uses his bioweapons to full advantage, spitting acid at Ed!

But Ed, ever the crafty one, comes up with a solution.

Pricked and poisoned, he escapes certain doom at the hands of Subby and grapples upwards, back to the safety of the surface.

Then, he strikes.

Down... down... down...

Familiar in its safety, but new again.

Right onto Subterroraenan.

With a mighty roar of machines, Edward crushes Subterroranean beneath his treads.

The Winner is Tigerhands!

But at what cost? Poisoned and pricked, Edward Tigerhands is no better off than Subterroranean, save for the fact he is alive. It might take divine intervention to keep him alive and ready to fight against his next foe.

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