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Loser's League Announcement


The fun will begin at midnight. The daguerreotypes are still being finalized, so I will simply post the names of the beasts at midnight.

That is all.

S. H. Moreau


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Dr. S. H. Moreau. This is my associate, Mr. Flagler. We have been assigned the tall task of refurbishing the defeated beasts to run the Loser’s Round of the Third Annual Zoofights. We could not be more pleased with how our work came out. Sadly, we cannot reveal any images or silhouettes of the creatures you will see before you tonight, so we ask you to rely on the powers of your wildest fancies and vivid imagination.

We have repaired all those creatures that could be repaired. Where there was no victor, we created. You see, ladies and gentlemen, the area beneath this arena is not pretty. It is an ungodly place where no man should tread, yet there are still those who venture in the name of science. There are things, body parts, and other unholy creations. Naturally, as a man of science, I felt right at home. 

What you will see this weekend will frighten you, make you question what sort of kind and loving god would allow these defeated creatures to continue to live.

To keep some things a surprise, we will simply state the name of the creature and one modification we have made. Choose wisely. You may pick two.

We present the following eight beasts:

1) Reannimut: Vodka

2) Tapogres: France

3) Edward Tigerhands: Wheeled

4) The Crocodevil: Father McGarry

5) Ultraphant: Tubes

6) Subterroranean (NEW!): Blink

7) The Mess: Kaiser


Choose wisely.


Moreau and Flagler

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