• Don’t be racist or sexist.  Basically don’t be a dick, don’t use hate speech, don’t be homophobic.
  • Don’t use a million smilies.  There’s no hardcoded limit on the things, but don’t abuse them.  Try to stick to 2 AT MOST.
  • Please don’t post your own zoofights beasts or run your own zoofights.  That way we can’t get accused of stealing your awesome ideas for Zoofights X, Intellectually Bankrupt Edition
  • No Pornography.  We love pornography, but this is not the place for it!
  • No Spamming, No selling.  If you really want to sell some stuff that you’ve made, get permission from a mod.
  • No low content posts.  If you’re just going to post “lol”, “me too” or an emoticon, just don’t post at all.  Think before typing.  This also means no introduction posts, please don’t post a “hi I am new here” thread.
  • Don't post image macros.  Just don't.  (this includes memes, lolcats, etc)
  • If you’re going to post art, expect criticism.  HOWEVER, criticism should be constructive.  “lol this sucks” isn’t helpful.  See the Art Rules.
  • Keep all pictures to 800x600 or below.  This ensures pages load quickly and display nicely.   You can always link to a larger version.
  • No hotlinking images from other sites.  Stealing bandwidth isn’t cool.  There are plenty of image hosting sites that you can use for this!
  • Don’t sign your posts.  We know who’s posted them, your user name is right there under your avatar.  Or you can give yourself a sig! There’s no need to end every post with your name.
  • Don't make your sig or av too annoying or offensive.  This is pretty subjective, but a mod will pm you if you're crossing a line.


  • There will be a new voting thread for each fight. The mods will make and sticky a new thread for each fight announcement/voting, which will be closed when voting is over. The fight itself will then be posted in a new thread.
  • Votes must have substance. Votes that are just a fighter’s name will be ignored. Give us specific reasons why you think they’ll triumph, taking into account not just their own awesomeness but their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Well reasoned and highly detailed (or just amusing) votes may be weighted more heavily, as may votes that contain art or diagrams. Seriously, we will give out extra points where credit is due.
  • Votes must contain #fightername. eg; if you are voting for Steamcrab, somewhere in your well reasoned post (see above), you would include #Steamcrab (the bolding is important, capital letters are not). This is to make counting votes easier!
  • Please only vote ONCE. You can discuss the fight in as many posts as you like, but please only inlcude #fightername in one of them. Also, if you’re posting in the Something Awful thread as well as the Zoofights Forum (we will be counting votes on both), please only include #fightername on one forum. You can announce your vote just by bolding the name, but please please keep the # tag for the unique vote.
  • Keep “in character” posts on topic.  We like it when people get into the spirit of things and post in character.  What we don’t really like is when voting or discussion threads get hijacked by off topic posturing and histrionic RP.  If things are spinning out of control, Take It To The Bar.


  • This is not a hugbox.  Posting your art implies that you would like feedback and criticism.  Sometimes this might be negative!  Don’t freak out if someone doesn’t like your work or suggests ways to improve it.  That said though...
  • Don’t be a total douche.  Give constructive criticism.  If you don’t like something, be specific and detailed.  Suggest ways to improve.  If you DO like something, let the artist know!
  • No pornography.  Gonna repeat this one.  Everyone loves sexytimes, but this is not the place for it.
  • If it’s interactive, it goes in the bar.  “What should I draw next?” could stay in Art, “Choose your own adventure” should go in The Bar.


  • It’s not canon unless we say it is.  So you want to RP as Goku powering up to Super Sayan Level Infinity to save the soul of the latest zoofights?   Fine, go hog wild.  Just don’t expect the Zoofights team to include your masterpiece into the tournament, or even read it.
  • No sexytimes RP.  Take that to instant message or something.
  • Don’t run your own zoofights.   CYOA games about other crap is fine though.