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Happy Zoofights Day!

Good day, sports fans!


In case you hadn't noticed May 1st is here, and that means it's Zoofights Day!


For the last six years, this day has been the start of a series of entertainments in which me and a host of kind volunteer artists describe and illustrate fights between animals according to the results of a public vote.


But if you're reading this, you probably already knew that. It was in the last paragraph, after all. What you probably want to know is what's happening this year. The answer, you might be unsurprised to hear, is not the 4 week two month six month tournament of fights that one might think would naturally follow last year's event.


Those of you who followed the last tournament know the deal - while the Zoofights events have been getting more complex every year, so has my life, and I just can't meet the regular deadlines necessary to make a thing like this work in real time any more.


However, I'm going to do something different. From today I'm going to be using this site as a platform to experiment with a bunch of different projects - some of them ZF-related, some of them not. Probably all involving zoology and violence at some point.


I'm working on a couple of fun projects with my long term ZF henchman Gravitas, and tossing around ideas for some smaller Zoofights events that I want to play around with possibly later in the summer. I don't want to go into too much detail, because I don't want to promise anything that isn't eventually delivered. But things will happen, in one form or another. Do stick this blog on your RSS or your iWossnames or whatever it is you kids do these days, and I'll do my best to entertain you.


So, no flashy video and no beast intros, but I'm not letting the day pass unremarked. More to follow.

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