Welcome to Zoofights

where theoretical animal fight questions meet mob rule, in a soul-wrenching bash-up of meat and spanners

Hello, Sports Fans, and welcome to Zoofights.

Each year, Zoofights sweats blood and whiskey to bring you visions of savage arena combat, fought between souped-up bruisers from every corner of the animal kingdom.

It is the resource to end all "which would win" conversations: a 5-year quest to pit endless theoretical monsters against each other under the cold eye of a voting crowd.

2010's event, Zoofights V, started in May, and concluded at the end of August.  16 monsters entered, but only one was crowned king of beasts, chosen by the support of the baying mob.

Check out the Zoofights V blog for all the action, or check out Zoofights from years gone by using the links at the top of the page.  Zoofights V leads on from the events of Zoofights IV, so it's worth a read.  Zoofights III is currently (slowly) being uploaded, Zoofights II is not something we talk about much, and Zoofights I is an all-text extravaganza.

So pull up a chair and hit your opponent with it as you scream incoherantly at the impossible carnage taking place in the arena, because Zoofights is on like a heavily augmented and murderous Donkey Kong.



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